Holiday Hours

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we will be open from 11 AM til 3 PM, for anyone who would like to stop in and pick up a gift certificate.  We will be closed on Christmas and the next two days for our staff to enjoy the holiday with family.

You can always schedule or purchase a gift online, or leave us a message on the phone (315) 475-9164, or via email –

We look forward to another great year of serving you.


Ed and the Staff of the Art of Massage

Veterans Now Eligible for Massage Therapy


On the front lawn of the Spa stands a 40-foot flagpole. It was dedicated in 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War, when this building housed a funeral home. Every morning it reminds us of the people who have gone before us, who have risked their lives in war time service, and the many who never came home.

Sadly, we also see men and women on our streets who have gone to war and never been able to truly recover. Whatever we think of our country’s wars, we can all agree that we have an obligation to heal the wounds of those who have seen the unimaginable. Medical care is a part of that, but it is often not enough.

This year we have begun working with the Veteran’s Administration to offer massage therapy to veterans dealing with the physical and psychological impact of their service. With referrals from physicians and psychologists, we help men and women injured in a variety of ways to work toward recovery. So many of the conditions that veterans suffer with are related to stress that has become embedded in their bones, their muscles, their psyches. Therapeutic touch can help to unlock that stress and help them get back on the road to healing.

If you or anyone you know might benefit from this service, have them contact their VA health care provider, or reach out to us at the Art of Massage for more details. And next time you drive by the Spa, take a look at that flagpole and the commitment that it represents – that we take care of our own.

Have a Great Holiday Weekend

The Spa will be closed on Monday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day.

Feel free to call us and leave a message – we’ll be back on Tuesday morning and get right back to you. And you can always use our online scheduler to set up your next visit.

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Ed Griffin-Nolan, LMT

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Attention Runners!

Two Woman Running by fence

If you or someone you know is training for an upcoming race, consider investing in our RUNNER’S PACKAGE!

The package includes 5 – 30 minute massage therapy sessions (one for each week of training runs) and 1 – 60 minute Recovery Massage session (post race). We want to keep you healthy and on course this season.

Also available as a Gift Certificate!

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Last week we were invited to visit the offices of, one of Syracuse’s coolest and fastest growing companies. The company buys and sells game cards online. Like a lot of office workers, they needed help learning stretches and adaptive postures to help their body make it through the day. We were happy to be able to bring smiles to their faces.

How would you like to go to work one day and find out that you will have the chance to get a massage during your shift? Our therapists travel to campuses, offices, factories, hospitals – all sorts of workplaces – and we love it.

Here’s how it works. Most places hire us by the hour for 10 minute massages. With a little break in between (a little longer if the person falls asleep) we can each see 5 people in an hour. Our normal rate of $70 per hour applies, and there is an additional $20 travel fee per therapist.

You should bring this up at work. We’ll take care of you on the job.

Licensed Massage Therapists Rebecca Cousineau and Ed Griffin-Nolan helping offering chair massage to employees of, one of Syracuse's coolest companies.

Licensed Massage Therapists Rebecca Cousineau and Ed Griffin-Nolan helping offering chair massage to employees of, one of Syracuse’s coolest companies.

Pregnancy Massage

we do offer pregnancy massage. All of our Massage Therapists have special training in dealing with the changes that the body undergoes during Pregnancy. We recommend massage therapy beginning in the second trimester. Our Pregnancy massage table is amazingly comfortable, and allows a woman to lie face down even in the very late stages of pregnancy. You will love it.

To schedule a pregnancy massage, just select the length of massage you would like (30 minutes, one hour, 90 minutes) and let the therapist know that you are expecting. There is no additional charge for pregnancy massage.

Pain Remedies Causing Addiction – Something Has to Change

125 people die every day in the US from opiate abuse, mostly heroin and prescription Fetanyl.
125 people die every day

This recent article, one of many, describes how the overprescription of opiates for pain relief has led to a dangerous epidemic across the country. It is long past time to ask – how many of these patients can be treated with medications or procedures that have fewer side effects and are less likely to create dependence?

A patient recently told me of a visit to a local Emergency Room. She was in acute abdominal pain, and before she knew it she was being given a dose of morphine (which she declined). Other patients with chronic pain report being offered narcotic pain relievers before other, less damaging remedies have been attempted. I can’t tell you how many times patients with osteoarthritis are placed on mood-altering meds with heavy side affects, when they have never been counseled to try aspirin, or exercise, let alone massage therapy or physical therapy. Patients who have had joint replacement surgery are sent home with huge doses of narcotics that can lead to addiction, with very little warning of the dangers of long term use.
I’m not a doctor, but most of the doctors I know are starting to question the practices that have led to such heavy reliance on the latest and the most expensive medications. It seems to me that, especially for chronic conditions, you want to start out with the least intrusive methods before recommending substances that have the potential to create addiction.
This is especially true among our young people. If you walk the streets near downtown Syracuse you will find dozens if not hundreds of homeless men and women. This is a group of people who have always been prone to substance abuse. But in recent years something has changed. We now have many young people whose drug addiction began after a high school or college athletic injury. Placed on opiates for pain relief, they turn to heroin when the prescription runs out.
Overprescribing narcotics intersects with cheap and readily available heroin to put our young people at risk. Waiting lists for addiction treatment are ridiculously long – it takes months to get help even after the addict decides to try to get clean.
Something has to change.