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Hard to believe, but it has been two months since the last massage took place at the Spa at 500. Each day I walk through the empty building and imagine the day we can once again welcome you into these beautiful rooms. We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and finding ways to protect your physical and mental health. We can't wait to see you.

But we will have to wait a bit longer. The earliest we might be able to open is June 8, assuming that New York State classifies Massage Therapy as a Professional Service. That puts us in Phase Two of the Reopening. In the meantime, we are adapting and devising new procedures so that we can safely treat you when it is safe and we are given approval to do so.

Once we get the go-ahead, we will be accepting appointments from our existing clients only. You will be asked to update your health information online and let us know about your COVID-19 status and level of social isolation. Appointments and payments will be made on line or by phone (no walk-ins). We will start with two therapists and schedule sessions one hour apart to allow for thorough disinfection and air turnover in the rooms. Clients and therapists will both wear masks and sessions will be modified to minimize work around the neck and head when the client is face up. We are also working with officials to procure antibody testing for our therapists so that we can let you know (positive antibody test indicates an exposure to the virus and a level of immunity - it also means that a person is most likely not contagious).

Plans for Reopening CNY Article

These are just some of the measures we are working on. As we learn more, we will adopt the best practices available. Your suggestions are always welcome. Thank you for all of your support and kindness during this time. Let's all join together to keep our distance. Wear your mask when you're near other people. It feels like we have been at this a long time, and we're all sick of it for sure. But we've come a long way, and if we keep it up, we'll be able to return to the things we love while protecting the people we love.

See you soon!

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