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Caregivers Special

This idea was inspired by Kerry Bequer, a massage therapist on the staff at the Spa. Kerry has worked for years in a variety of social service settings and has seen first-hand the stress that caregivers carry. We want to do something about that. Even before COVID, the strain on the lives of caregivers was reaching a breaking point. Within a mile radius of the Spa, there are dozens of helping agencies staffed by caring individuals. We are located a short ride away from hospitals where thousands toil every day to help restore the health of our neighbors. In our community, educators work hard every day to teach and provide a sense of purpose to young people. Parents caring for young ones, adults caring for elder parents. Burnout is a real danger.

Teachers, nurses, social workers, caregivers of all kinds - we'd like you to think of the Spa as the place where you to go to be taken care of.

This special includes a one-hour therapeutic massage, and your choice of aromatherapy scent. Let yourself go for just this hour, and return refreshed to the important work you do. Enjoy a 15 Percent discount every time you come in. Bring a friend to share the experience and you both enjoy the discount. .

Workout Special

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to need a serious massage workout for your tired muscles. This session takes you to a new level – it’s a deep, slow massage session designed to break up adhesions, find trigger points, and maximize your range of motion.

We’ll start with ten minutes in our redwood sauna to limber and warm your muscles. Then get on the heated table for a massage with Eric Kahn, LMT. The session will treat either the lower body or the upper body, depending on your needs and goals. Let Eric unlock those muscles, restore maximum flexibility, and prepare you for the season ahead.

Not to be taken lightly – set this up for a date when you have a few days before your next hard workout, long run, or gardening marathon. You will be amazed how great you feel!

Sixty minutes: $95

Salt City Massage Spa Specials (Available 12/01/2021)

One-Hour Massage
Jacuzzi and Sauna
Coffee Salt Scrub for hands or feet
Your choice of any Salt City Coffee beverage
Choice of coffee, tea, or cocoa scented massage lotion

Ninety Minute Massage
Jacuzzi and Sauna
Salt City Coffee Scrub for hands and feet
Choice of coffee, tea, or cocoa-scented massage lotion
$25 gift certificate for breakfast or lunch at Salt City Market
A pound of Spa 500 Blend of Salt City Coffee
Hot Stones: Add $35

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The Spa at 500 is the home of the Art of Massage, Central New York’s premier massage therapy practice, founded in 1997.