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Central New York’s Premier Massage Therapy Practice Since 1997

Our History & Mission

The Spa is a wellness center offering therapeutic and relaxation massage and other fitness activities. It is the home of the Art of Massage, Central New York’s premier massage therapy practice, founded in 1997.

We believe that dealing with stress in healthy ways is a key to health, longevity, and happiness. Our menu of massage treatments can be customized to meet your needs.

  • 4-Story Facility Built in 1886
  • 7-Person Therapeutic Jacuzzi
  • Authentic Redwood Sauna

Our Team

The elegance of the setting and the quality of our experienced massage therapists combine for an experience you won’t forget.

Kerry Bequer

Massage Therapist

Kerry is a lifelong Syracuse resident, a graduate of the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, and SUNY ESF, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Science. She has always felt called to positions of service, and before becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist, she worked as an advocate for fair housing and people with special needs. While firmly rooted in functional and structural anatomy, her massage practice is also heavily influenced by eastern schools of thought. East and west is not a dichotomy, but rather complementary parts of a whole. Health and well-being, she believes, can be achieved by understanding and addressing the needs of the individual. When not practicing massage, Kerry enjoys a good novel, traveling near-or-far, enjoying live music, and spending quality time with cherished family and friends.

Eric Kahn

Massage Therapist

Eric has been a Licensed Massage Therapist working in the Buffalo area since 2014. A graduate of Jamesville Dewitt High School, OCC, and the New York Institute of Massage. Eric recently returned home to continue his massage career. He specializes in Deep Tissue and Sports Massage.

Ed Griffin-Nolan


Ed Griffin-Nolan began his career as a massage therapist working out of his home on the southwest side of Syracuse in 1997. For the past 15 years he has put his heart and soul into developing the Spa as a haven for you to relax, restore, and renew yourself. Massage is an ancient art that can heal traumas and soothe the aches and pains in our bodies. He believes that the Spa is also a presence and a practice that can bring peace and harmony into our city and our world.

In 2007, along with Timothy Bryant, Ed took on the restoration of the mansion on West Onondaga Street, creating not only a luxurious spa but a model of neighborhood revival that continues to this day. The Spa welcomes everyone. We help world class and every day athletes keep in shape. We can help you learn to care for your body and reduce the impact of stress.

We assist bereaved families through the CompassionNet Program. We help military veterans referred by the VA work through the hidden wounds of war. We host yoga classes for people living with disabilities. The Spa remains an unfolding dream. We look forward to enhanced exercise programs and yoga resuming in the near future. Let us know how we can serve you and the community.
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The Spa at 500 is the home of the Art of Massage, Central New York’s premier massage therapy practice, founded in 1997.